My Sunshine by Doug Hyde My Sunshine - Mounted by Doug Hyde My Sunshine - Framed by Doug Hyde


Hyde returns to some of his most popular elements here: the sunflower with the red background and Doug’s human character (dressed in blue) with his friend the brown and white dog!

A simple limited edition painting full of good cheer and with a message of friendship and happiness. We often associate the humble sunflower with the sun, so the title ‘My Sunshine’ also draws your mind to this most elegant of flowers - always growing and moving towards the warm summer sky.

A medium sized Doug Hyde print and a must have at this enticing price point, so far this has proved a great seller to his huge fan base!


What a stunning limited edition release we have here with ‘My Sunshine’ and immediately I thought of one of his older release: ‘Tender Love And Care,’ did you? It’s the same little figure with a sunflower and this gorgeous, soothing, red painted background.

Our two heroes appear to be posing for the camera, in front of this giant sunflower and perhaps our friend has just managed to get his dog to come to a standstill! (for a few moments) I wonder if he run off to find the ball again in a few split seconds, like the limited edition: ‘Mad About The Ball’?

Little touches are Doug Hyde’s speciality and did you notice the single sunflower petal that fell to the foreground, just as this snapshot was taken or the end of the dog’s tail painted onto the artwork? A little white colour to the dog’s right-hand side - I told you Hyde was good!


My Sunshine

by Doug Hyde

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Edition Copies: 0
, Humour
Edition Copies: 395
12.00 x 17.00 Inches
Giclee, Humour, 2018
Edition Copies: 395
23.50 x 30.00 Inches
Giclee, Humour, 2018

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