Love Hug by Doug Hyde Love Hug - Mounted by Doug Hyde Love Hug - Framed by Doug Hyde

What’s this we see? perhaps Doug’s very first limited edition featuring a chocolate labardor. I think this could be a permanent new member (along with the whale in 'A Whale of A Time') of Hyde’s growing list of characters and he is so adorable!

A simple embrace and so much love and devotion is seen is this lovingly created new artwork, by the master of hugs Doug Hyde. Do you think the shades under the tail is to show it wagging?

The purple clothed character is happy with the huge smile we have seen on countless limited edition prints and sculptures, beautifully set against the chocolate coat and naive gaze of his pet.

The background is an interesting colour blend of pinks with a tinge of light brown and works beautifully, as the white border (mounts) will surrounds the new limited edition print.

Doug reminds us that life's simple pleasures are the best and your love of animals and pets is one of your greatest gifts.

In this picture, it is the hug and warmth from this chocolate labrador that is warming your heart, as the dog's body only partly covers the huge smile of the human character!

Perhaps this is the nephew of Monty? the large black labrador dog, seen in a plethora of Doug's painting and limited editions over the years. I love the cool pink and grey tonnes of the background, as your eyes moves to the white of the face, the purple clothes and the rich chocolate brown of the doggy.

Another great limited edition Doug, we owe you a 'Love Hug' to say thanks!


Love Hug

by Doug Hyde

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, Humour
Edition Copies: 395
17.00 x 14.00 Inches
Giclee, Humour, 2019
Edition Copies: 395
28.50 x 27.00 Inches
Giclee, Humour, 2019

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