I Love You This Much II - Sculpture by Doug Hyde I Love You This Much II - Small Sculpture  by Doug Hyde I Love You This Much II - Bronze - Bronze by Doug Hyde I Love You This Much II - Large Sculpture  by Doug Hyde


Such was the success of last year's large 24 inch tall 'oversize' resin sculpture of the same name, Doug has returned to create a scaled down, smaller version, of the piece and boy is it a winner!

Not only does it allow collectors who missed the chance with the now sold out larger predecessor, it is also a lower price point and a smaller size, meaning more flexibility in which room you place it.

Celebrating the love we share with those close to us and with the focus on the two intertwined characters holding a warm rich coloured heart, this beautifully represents Hyde's view of the world


What better way to celebrate the success of a previous limited edition sculpture than to bring it out in a bronze. This piece is so reminiscent of 'Giving You My Heart (Bronze),' released in Feb 2013, I have wondered if Doug intended this to be the direct follow up sculpture?

Incidentally, the 2013 piece represented Doug's first bronze in over 5 years and so for May 2015 he spoils us, with 3 brand new bronzes: 'Beware Of The Dog II - Bronze,' 'I Love You This Much II - Bronze' and 'Sharing Love - Bronze.'

With this latest sculpture, I admire how the artist kept the bronze a traditional colour but painted the heart with a subtle red patina, reminding you that love is the focal point of the new bronze.


Here we have the rare 'I Love You This Much II' - large 'oversize' resin sculpture from Sep 2014's Doug Hyde 10th Anniversary collection, known as 'Love Counts' - two figures holding a heart and declaring their love for each other to everyone.

The original 'I Love You This Much' print featured a single figure and now with: 'I Love You This Much II - sculpture' Doug develops the theme and both lovers are present in sculpture form! This sculpture carries themes of unity, love and togetherness and harmony that Doug would like to see reach everyone in the world.

An impressive 16 x 19 inches, this edition very quickly ‘Sold Out’ from Demontfort Fine Art Publishers. With a limited edition of just 150 produced, it is an impressive and heart warming image to look at in person.

Are you after this sculpture to complete your range of Doug Hyde resin sculptures? Grab a copy while we have them!


I Love You This Much II - Sculpture

by Doug Hyde
Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out


Edition Copies: 0
, Sculpture
Edition Copies: 395
6.00 x 8.00 Inches
Sculpture , Sculpture
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Edition Copies: 195
8.00 x 9.00 Inches
Sculpture , Sculpture, 2015
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Edition Copies: 150
16.00 x 19.00 Inches
Sculpture , Sculpture, 2014
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