Ho Ho Ho by Doug Hyde Ho Ho Ho - Sculpture  by Doug Hyde Ho Ho Ho - Mounted by Doug Hyde Ho Ho Ho - Framed by Doug Hyde Ho Ho Ho - Black Framed by Doug Hyde Ho Ho Ho - Picture And Sculpture - Set  by Doug Hyde

How does the song go?: 'It's the most wonderful time of the year.' You can just imagine that song playing in the background, as our heroes don their festive Santa caps, play Christmas games and drink Mulled Wine.

Featuring a human character taking centre stage, accompanied by 'Monty' the black labrador and of course 'Fuzz' the brown and white dog. This is topped off by a Christmas present placed strategically at the centre front of this new, cold cast porcelain sculpture.

It reminds me of the sculpture 'The Gift' (2010), an amazingly simple figurine and one that couldn’t help but melt your heart with its sentiment!

Preorder your copy early with us, as availability will be limited.

Three of the most famous Doug Hyde heroes gather for Christmas: the human character in purple, 'Fuzz' the brown and white dog and 'Monty' the black lab.

Doug gives the piece a soft subtle grey background and this works beautifully with the white lip of the Christmas hats, the delicate purple of the man's clothes and the beautiful rich red Santa hats.

Fuzz's antler ears are a lovely chocolatey brown, and this is all topped off by a soft snowstorm that Doug has painted onto the heroes, giving this 2019 Christmas limited edition a warmth and aliveness.

Good will to all men (and women & pets!) and peace be upon us, says Doug.

Doug says hurry! and for good reason, these November 2019 releases have proven to be one of the fastest selling Christmas releases ever by Doug and currently this is our very last sculpture as well! (and set).

What better way to enjoy the festive season? other than with a Hyde limited edition sculpture and print on your wall and bring in the Christmas fun, merriment and good cheer!

Or why not kill two birds with one stone and buy two Christmas presents with this set, one for the other half and the other for the dreaded mother in law! - only kidding, its Christmas and you love her anyway lol.

It is nice to see the picture and sculpture as a side by side comparison (not to scale of course) and see how Doug's artistic mind brings his ideas to life in two different mediums! (paper and sculpture)

A treat for us really, as it is so rare that they are released at the same time like this, as usually a follow up would come later in the release year at the earliest. 'Space Cadets' is a great example as the print came out in 2016 and the sculpture in 2019!

Through the noughties, Doug's Christmas releases have been additions to his famous 'Lost Reindeer' collection (Black and white in nature) and of course these full colour pieces are not.

However, there are defiantly 'Reindeer' ears on Fuzz the brown and white dog, so he is trying! in this welcome new addition to Doug's highly collectable limited edition range – Merry Christmas everyone from Doug and all of us.

Sculpture: 7.00 x 8.50 x 5.00 inches
Framed Print: 29.50 x 25.00 inches estimate

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Ho Ho Ho

by Doug Hyde
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Edition Copies: 0
, Humour
Edition Copies: 295
7.00 x 8.50 x 5.00 Inches
Sculpture , Sculpture, 2019
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Edition Copies: 295
18.00 x 12.00 Inches
Giclee, Humour, 2019
Edition Copies: 295
29.50 x 25.00 Inches
Giclee, Humour, 2019
Edition Copies: 295
29.50 x 25.00 Inches
Giclee, Humour, 2019
Edition Copies: 295
, Humour, 2019
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