Follow A Dream by Paul Horton

With the artists iconic style evidently portrayed in this image, we once again see a Horton depiction of a unique house. With the house far into the distance, the man is accompanied by his dog, whilst carrying the few possessions he owns over his shoulder, finally reaches his dream.

A crucial theme that occupies this image is the fact that Horton displays how each one of us has different and varied dreams and goals in life, for the case of this man it is the simpler and un materialistic things that mean the most to him, mainly reaching a house that has warmth and comfort.

A really endearing work of art, which makes you think deeper into the subject matter rather than just take the image at face value.  

Follow A Dream

by Paul Horton
Edition Copies: 295
10.00 x 16.00 Inches
Giclee, Contemporary
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