Dancing On Ice by Doug Hyde Dancing On Ice - Mounted by Doug Hyde Dancing On Ice - Framed by Doug Hyde


This is the new release for November 2016 but perhaps you where you expecting an addition to the 'Lost Reindeer' (black & white prints) collection released in Winter 2011, 2012 & 2013?

Well you will be pleasantly surprised to find instead this beautiful, animated & colourful limited edition print: 'Dancing On Ice' by Hyde and his first dedicated winter theme artwork in 3 years!

We have no less than eight dog characters going ice-skating at Christmas, along with the human character (this time in red clothes) happy and smiling as always. A lovingly crafted new limited edition on paper by Doug and I am sure one that will appeal to a wide range of people:

Maybe you are a crazy Hyde fan, maybe you love ice-skating?; Or perhaps you are a dog lover or like me buy anything that reminds you of Christmas? Whatever the case, sit back, pour a hot cup of coco and enjoy the view!


A glorious new limited edition picture by Doug Hyde and with a theme of Winter and the joys of ice skating, friendship and family. Doug's character in red has gone skating with perhaps the biggest collection of dogs and puppies ever seen in a Hyde painting and the result is amazing!

Monty (the black dog) and the brown and white dog are gently guiding pups onto the ice, & Doug's character looks to be holding up a huge Dog on the ice.

The dog with the patch marks on his eye and gone 'splat' and the Poodle and the Dalmatian are doing wonderful on the ice and are clearly experts! Oh did I forget the other brown and white dog doing a pirouette right in the middle of the picture!

The whole image Reminds me of ITV's 'Dancing On Ice' TV show and Todd Carty's infamous tenure on the show in 2014, very little skill but thoroughly loved by all!


Dancing On Ice

by Doug Hyde


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, Figurative
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26.00 x 19.00 Inches
Giclee, Contemporary, 2016
Edition Copies: 395
37.50 x 32.00 Inches
Giclee, Contemporary, 2016

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