Big Spender by Doug Hyde Big Spender - Framed by Doug Hyde Big Spender - Mounted by Doug Hyde Big Spender - Sculpture  by Doug Hyde


Time to guess the breed again, in this second new image by Hyde and I think it is a 'mini schnauzer?' (yes it is we checked!) There is so much detail here just look at the dogs face, the hair on its beard and the lush thick coat, Doug has really showed his skill in capturing fine detail. All in all a lovely quirky new image and I'm sure will be a collector's favourite!

This is another image of just black and white tonnes featuring perhaps a Mini Schnauzer and the artwork is topped off by the dog wearing a red dickie bow with white polka dots!

Did you notice how the dog's head is turned to make it that extra bit cute and inquisitive? It's these little touches that make Doug's artwork so loveable.

From the 'Top Hats & Tails' collection.



Doug Hyde turns his artistic hand to sculptures of everyday pets for this series of five canine sculptures and here we have 'Big Spender,' featuring the lovable breed mini schnauzer.

Our hero is dressed for a special occasion in a beautiful lush coloured, purple waist coat and red and white polka dot dicky bow and I am sure he will be turning heads (and tails) wherever he goes!

Notice how the dog's head tilts to one side, with an inquisitive gaze that is so typical of this lovable breed, known for its curiosity and zest for life.

There is a life-like quality to this sculpture that has to be seen in person and physically handled, to appreciate it. ‘Big Spender’ reminds you that Doug is an amazing naive artist, a keen observer of animal behaviour but moreover is an animal lover through and through!

(Mini Schnauzer or Miniature Schnauzer)


Big Spender

by Doug Hyde

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