Beauty And The Beast by Kerry Darlington

This painting, like many others created by Kerry Darlington, gives us an insight into the artist's daydreams and it takes us far away into a land of fairytales where everything is so much nicer and nothing is impossible. There are no limits and no boundaries when it comes to love...a true love.

What makes it so deep and complex are two opposites that attract. The whole composition of the painting is based on the contrast of two characters and the strong emotions they share. On the one hand we can see a strong, powerful and dominant lion in the frame but on the other hand, there is a young, fragile and submissive girl who is fearless while cuddling the beast.

Why is this so?

It is love they share, care they show for each other  and unconditional loyalty, a sense of both emotional and physical protection, a 'one of a kind' thing.

To maintain balance and harmony, the artist was using subtle colours like brown and beige; a touch of red for a romantic vibe which also gives an impression of emotional closeness and warmth.


Beauty And The Beast

by Kerry Darlington
Edition Copies: 150
30.00 x 30.00 Inches
Hand Embellished & Glossed, Contemporary, 2017
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