Mackenzie Thorpe (£501 - £1000)

Born in 1956, Mackenzie was the eldest of seven children. He grew up playing in the streets and back alleys of terraced houses around his home in Middlesborough. Many derelict houses, bombed in the Second World War provided a playground for Mackenzie and his friends. His attraction to drawing and painting became obvious from an early age, and he used whatever he could find to create art. Life fo ... read more
the office - mounted
£1,320.00 £990.00 inc: VAT
over love - mounted
£1,195.20 £896.40 inc: VAT
blessed - mounted
£709.80 £532.80 inc: VAT
at sea - mounted
£1,134.20 £850.80 inc: VAT
a new child
£995.00 £746.40 inc: VAT
the lovers
£1,092.76 £819.60 inc: VAT

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